May 30, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Genie Mower know where to mow?
A wire is first laid around the border of your lawn defining the area to mow. When Genie Mower reaches the wire it changes direction.

2. Can I bury the border wire?
If you peg the wire flush to the surface of your lawn you will find that after a while the grass will grow over it. However if you prefer, the wire can be buried up to 40cm deep.

3. My garden is hilly, will Genie Mower cope with slopes?
Genie Mower will work safely on lawns that have gradients as steep as 30° without losing speed or power and without the risk of turning over.

4. What about flowerbeds and trees in the garden?
For obstacles such as trees, walls and sheds Genie Mower will sense when it touches them, it will reverse safely and select a new direction to mow. For flowerbeds and ponds, these areas need to be excluded from the mowing area by using the border wire.

5. Is the height of cut adjustable?
Yes, the blade can be moved up and down to achieve the length of grass that you prefer.

6. What happens to the clippings?
The finely cut grass clippings are a great source of nitrogen for your lawn, essentially providing you with a natural fertiliser. This leaves you with no clippings to dispose of and no piles of rotting grass in your garden.

7. What if it rains?
Just like conventional mowers, best results are achieved if your lawn is cut when dry. Genie Mower’s rain sensors ensure that it stops mowing and returns to the border wire or charging base when it senses rain.

8. When Genie Mower mows while I am away, can it be stolen?
Genie Mower has a number of devices to deter theft. A 4-digit security PIN number prevents unauthorised use. Some models also incorporate an audible alarm.
(Not 100 Series)

9. Is it safe?
Genie Mower meets all current safety standards including CE & TUV. Genie Mower will cut out if lifted or turned over. You still need to treat it with care just like any traditional mower.

10. How noisy is Genie Mower?
Genie Mower is virtually silent so it won’t disturb you or your neighbours at all.

11. Is Genie Mower the future?
Technology is about making our lives easier. Genie Mower is pioneering the future of mowing technology, automating the chore of cutting your lawn.

12. How long is Genie Mower’s guarantee?
Genie Mower comes with a full two year warranty.

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