January 30, 2016

Benefits of an Automatic Lawnmower

Benefits of an Automatic Lawnmower.

The benefits of an Automatic Lawnmower is it’s easy to use, plus if you or family members have allergies such as hay fever etc, The automatic lawnmower does all the mowing, protecting you from rising and making allergies worse. Discover more below about the benefits of using an automatic robotic lawnmower.
Benefits of an Automatic Lawnmower

Benefits of Using an Automatic Lawnmower is they are Kid and Pet Safe.

Automatic Lawn Mower

Benefits of Using a Genie Automatic Lawnmower

Benefits of an Automatic Lawnmower

Two Year Warranty

On all Genie Robot Lawn Mowers.

Benefits of an Automatic Lawnmower

Benefits of Automatic Lawn mowers.

The Automatic Lawnmower is Convenient

  • A perfect lawn mowed without hard work.
  • No grass clippings to collect.

An Automatic Lawnmower offers you a Lot More Free time

  • Dispense with the weekly chore of mowing the lawn.
  • Leaves you with more time for the things you enjoy.

Automatic Lawnmower Safety Features

  • Automatic lawnmowers will SHUT OFF if lifted or titled over in any order.
  • If a automatic robot lawn mower touches a tree, or any other obstacle in the garden, it will reverse safely away and select a new direction to mow again.

An Automatic Lawnmower Develops a Healthy Lawn within weeks.

  • The finely cut daily grass clippings are a great source of nitrogen for your lawn, essentially providing you with a natural ongoing fertilizer been drip feed into your lawns. Clippings also produce water so your lawn is watered.
Benefits of Automatic Lawnmowers

Genie Robotic Lawnmowers create a Cleaner Green Lawn scape for our families and friends to enjoy.

Automatic Lawnmowers are Environmentally Friendly and plus avoids ongoing grass dumping.

  • No petrol
  • No oil
  • No emissions
  • Recycles the grass clippings

A Simple Solution is a Garden Robotic Lawnmower from AutoLawnMow.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Operating days and times can be easily set*
  • Less than €15 euro running cost per year on power.
Benefits of Automatic Lawnmowers

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